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Healing can assist and stimulate the natural healing resources of the mind and body to recover their former functions, often with dramatic and extraordinary results.  It can help to relieve pain and assist to balance both the mind and spirit, which need to be in harmony for good health. In addition to physical conditions healing can also help with emotional problems, as it can promote a feeling of well-being, peace and spiritual upliftment.

If you are looking for a complementary therapy to use alongside conventional medicine or alternative therapies, spiritual healing is a popular choice that is reputed to work well alongside a range of other interventions. Let us help you to experience the benefits of spiritual healing. We're based in Bletchingley and serve clients throughout Surrey, Sussex and Kent.

Absent (or distant) healing is given on request for anyone from any part of the world unable to attend the sanctuary for "hands on" healing. A patient’s details are inserted in our absent healing book and healing from the Higher Source is requested for the patient. This can be done on a continuing basis for all patients who have attended/contacted the sanctuary for healing at any time, with each person remaining in our thoughts and prayers.

Spiritual healing is the channelling of a healing energy flowing from its spiritual source (via the healer) to someone in need. The energy is usually transferred to the patient through the healer’s hands.


The British Medical Association has now accepted the use of healing alongside orthodox medical treatment. Not only can healing be an effective treatment in its own right, but it can work well in conjunction with other natural treatments and therapies. Healing is also available in the form of spirit operations where and when appropriate. It does not involve the use of any physical instruments.

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You should always consult your doctor regarding health issues and where animals are concerned you should consult your veterinary surgeon before bringing a pet for treatment.

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Are you looking for a holistic treatment to help improve your emotional or physical well-being? We offer spiritual healing, both in person and remotely.

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