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It relies on the curative qualities of plants, flowers, trees and herbs to stimulate our own healing system. Herbs are used not just to alleviate disease, but to prevent it recurring, to detoxify the system, to support the immune system and to maintain the body in perfect balance. Herbs can aid the body’s fight against infection through safe natural remedies free of harmful side effects and offer an effective treatment for most medical conditions.


Medical herbalists combine traditional knowledge of the healing power of herbs with modern scientific developments. They are trained in the same examination techniques as a doctor and have a thorough medical knowledge of the body, although they differ from a doctor in their holistic approach.

Following a detailed consultation covering medical history, medication, diet, lifestyle and any appropriate examination, herbs may be prescribed. These include tinctures (a blend of herbal extracts in an alcohol base), teas (infusions or decoctions), capsules and tablets. For external use we can provide creams, lotions and oils. Dietary advice will also be given.

Book an appointment. We can arrange appointments on evenings and weekends. We may also be able to arrange a home or hospital visit, if you are unable to travel to us. We're based in Bletchingley and serve clients throughout Surrey, Kent and Sussex. Some of our clients even come to us from Europe and beyond.

Natural medicine


Your consultation with our medical herbalist

You should always consult your doctor regarding health issues.

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Are you looking for complementary medicine, to alleviate the symptoms of a short-term illness, or a long-term condition?


Medical herbalism is the use of plants as medicines to restore and maintain health.

Herbal medicine

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